Lagoon Catamarans Online Configurator PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zuzana Prochazka   

Like the old Burger King commercial said – “Have it your way.”  And now you can, with Lagoon Catamaran’s online configurator.  With a few clicks, you choose the model you’re interested in, the color of the cabinetry and flooring, the color and kind of upholstery, and the interior layout.

For example, I chose the 421 model with 3 cabins, Alpi teak cabinets and bleached oak flooring with a nice chocolate colored leather. Once you make your choices, Lagoon sends you a PDF with one photo of the saloon with your colors, a large layout  drawing and an exterior shot of the model under sail. You can print the PDF and take it with you to a dealer or boat show. Just don't try to save a jpeg - you'll only get portions of the picture which is why the colors in the photo below are not what I actually chose.

It’s a simple little tool but kind of fun to play with on a winter evening when you’re dreaming of tradewind breezes.