Night vision for iPhone PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zuzana Prochazka   

Guest editor, Alan Wendt, visited CES last week and found a cool gadget that will come in handy for boaters - high functionality at a low price.

Night vision, more properly defined as thermal imaging is coming to the iPhone 5 and 5s all for under $350. FLIR, who ten years ago was selling sophisticated units for tens of thousands of dollars each, demonstrated the iPhone version this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

FLIR ONE is expected in stores this spring, the cameras, internal battery and circuitry are housed in a compact housing that resembles an extended battery case adding a scant 3.2 ounces. FLIRs two image gathering devices converts heat, which is emitted from every object on earth, into color images. These color images allow users to not only see in the dark, but to also observe differences in temperature of fractions of a degree.

For boaters this form of night vision is critical advantage for safe navigation. This is not X-Ray vision that lets you see through walls, clothing, glass, however contractors and the DYI homeowner will be able to more accurately find everything from a stud in the wall to leaks in the pipes with little trial and error. Software for the iPhone that lets you manage the images, record or send via the smartphone 4G service is free. An Android version is also in the works.