Broken Seas Book Fun PDF Print E-mail
Written by Zuzana Prochazka   

Here's a blast from the past - in many ways.  Marlin Bree's book Broken Seas isn't new on the bookshelves - just new on mine - and it's a great disaster book to curl up with on a February weekend.  Marlin is an award-winning author who has scooped up quite a few writing honors over the years for magazine articles and complete books. He's also quite the adventurer who has traveled extensively with his boat Persistence which is also featured in the book.

Broken Seas is a collection of true stories about notable vessels, voyages and sailors. I quickly skipped right to the story on the tragic loss of racer Mike Plant in the 90s. It filled in for me a lot of details I didn't know about one of America's most gifted sailboat racers. Also of particular interest to me were the final hours of the Edmund Fitzgerald, a ship sinking I've been infatuated with since hearing Gordon Lightfoot's 1970s song as a kid.

Pick up a copy and settle in. What else can you do about boating when it's snowing outside?