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WinchRite by Sailology turns ordinary winches into powered winches.

The WinchRite eletric winch handle is a six pound, water resistant unit that is inserted into a winch like a regular winch handle and then with the touch of a button, it can grind in any winch with no effort for the user.  You can use it to trim the sheets or pull up a heavy mainsail – however the Sailology recommends against using it to haul someone up the mast. 

The composite ABS and PC plastic housing has nonskid on one side to help it stay put on deck.  The cordless WinchRite turns 50-110 ROM and the internal rechargeable lithium battery will – last – well that’s not published but it will depend on use.  It is reversible so you can use it with variable speed winches. 

The WinchRite isn’t small, with rough, and I say rough, dimensions of 15”x8”x4”.  It’s heavy too so smaller sailors will typically use both hands to position it into the top of the winch but then can use one hand to hold the button. 

The WinchRite has competition from the more established WinchBuddy which is basically a stainless steel cog that’s on an angled drill but the purpose designed WinchRite is certainly more visually appealing than dragging around a drill. 

Like with any powered winch, you have to be careful with the WinchRite as you can feel no feedback through the unit and could easily over-tension sheets and halyards and cause damage.  It is available directly through Sailology or through dealers for $599 and comes with a charger, a trickle charger, and a storage bag.  It carrires a 1 year warranty.